Synchronize your invoices and receipts with AgExpert and Aleop

AgExpert is committed to creating solid and simple tools to help farmers digitize their farm records. We are continuously adding new MyFarmConnect partners so you can enter data once, in any system, and use it multiple times.

Sharing your data across your trusted digital tools can help increase efficiency and enhance strategic decision-making for your farm. You’re always in control of your data and have the ability to revoke sharing access between AgExpert and our partners and modify permissions at any time.

AgExpert now integrates with Aleop to automatically synchronize digitized statements, reports and invoices. Using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, Aleop makes it easy to capture images of invoices and receipts, extracts relevant data such as vendor name, invoice number, date, amount and populates it as a transaction in AgExpert Accounting. Plus, your financial insights dashboard in Aleop updates in real-time to help empower your decision-making.

Aleop’s integration with AgExpert Accounting will help you save time by decreasing manual data entries. Sharing your data with other trusted partners can help reduce the risk of bookkeeping errors, make it easier to track expenses, manage cash flow and improve accuracy and completeness of financial data. Making more informed financial decisions has never been easier with connected data. Learn more about Aleop by visiting

Looking for support throughout your journey with AgExpert? Watch our video on getting started and check out the FCC AgExpert YouTube channel for user-friendly tutorials and webinars on AgExpert Accounting and Field features.

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