Get data-driven sales recommendations with the AgExpert and GrainFox integration

Sept 22, 2023
AgExpert and GrainFox logos side-by-side

Our newest MyFarmConnect partner now available in AgExpert Field is GrainFox – a bin-to-bank, farm wealth solution. With tools including a risk profile, ROI calculator, price finder, and more, GrainFox uses your farm data from AgExpert Field along with current and historical market data to provide you with personalized sales recommendations to meet your farm business goals.

AgExpert and GrainFox are Ag Data Transparent certified, so you can rest assured that your integrated data is always managed responsibly, and your privacy is protected to the highest standards. AgExpert and GrainFox are committed to ensuring you remain in control of your information at all times.

After entering your data into AgExpert, you can choose to connect with a number of our partners to help enhance your AgExpert experience. Utilizing your data across multiple partner platforms via MyFarmConnect helps to increase efficiency and optimizes strategic decision-making for your farm – and you always have the ability to revoke sharing access between AgExpert and our partners and modify permissions as you see fit.

FCC AgExpert software is built for Canadian agriculture. We are continuously updating our web-based products, AgExpert Accounting and AgExpert Field to ensure you have the best tools to manage your operation.

We’re here to support you, whether you’re just beginning your journey with AgExpert or already have an account. Check out the FCC AgExpert YouTube channel for user-friendly tutorials and register for a free webinar to make sure you're getting the most out of AgExpert Accounting and Field.

Sign in to your account to connect with GrainFox and other AgExpert partners, or register for an account today to start simplifying the management of your farm data by connecting your trusted digital tools.

Learn how simple it is to connect with GrainFox here.