Farming is a team sport

Jun 2, 2022

If you could build your farm dream team, who would be on it? Would it be something like: the best mechanic in the biz, the hardest working hired hand north of the 49th parallel, a private investor with unlimited funds, (but a great partner like FCC will do, right?), a live-in agronomist, and an accountant extraordinaire? While it is not about keeping score, AgExpert can bring more value than one might think.

AgExpert Allstars

Valuable features that can score some big points on your farm.

Bringing your whole farm together

With AgExpert Field and Accounting, you own your data, and you can share it with whoever you want. Does your agronomist need to see what was planted and applied last year? Simply type in their email address and the info is accessible to them. Need to send your books over to the accountant? No problem. Since AgExpert is cloud based, you can work on your records while your accountant has the previous year.

The real MVP might be the network of partners AgExpert has, (which will be expanding this year). Let's take the integration with John Deere Operations Center for example. This integration means data from your John Deere equipment can be sent over to your AgExpert Field account, saving you time, while also making data transfer from your equipment and between different platforms easy.

Equipment Maintenance (the unsung hero)

Athletes stretch. Equipment needs maintenance. It is a fact. Instead of keeping a record of it in your head, let’s get it documented and tracked for easy access later on because we all know time goes by quicker than we think. Did that oil change really happen 6 months ago? Or was it actually 11 months ago?

I use the machinery maintenance function to track machinery repairs, and oil changes.

– John R. Mixed Farmer, Bookkeeper

AgExpert Field Equipment Maintenance function allows you to clearly view all your equipment.

Once a piece of equipment is selected, you can enter date of service, type of service, who it was done by, odometer, cost, notes, and an attachment- like the receipt.


Reading the stats of your favorite athletes can be an eye-opening experience. Reporting is the stats equivalent for your farm. It is not just nice to know info – it is business critical. AgExpert has simple, easy to read reports. Just like Usain Bolt is from the finish line, reports are seconds away. Reports help you see where you are financially; and with sky rocketing prices for inputs, and nearly everything else, knowing where you are financially is a necessity. Reports can help you keep track of income, expenses, input usage, inventory, capital assets, profitability, and more. Useful in many ways - reports can help in planning, tax time, loan applications, and more.

When asked 'What is your favorite thing about AgExpert?’ Accountant Brenda T. answered with Reports with drill down features.

Report fan favorites:

  • GST (or HST)

  • Crop insurance

Wrapping it up, the 3 MVPs of AgExpert

3. Bringing your whole farm together

2. Equipment Maintenance

1. Reporting