Embracing technology pays off for AgExpert customer

Mar 12, 2024

Meet Wendy Murphy, a longtime AgExpert customer and passionate cow-calf producer from Altario, Alberta and the lucky winner of a $5,000 Tech Package, the Early Bird Prize of the Gear Up with AgExpert contest.

With a background as a retired IT systems and network analysis, Wendy understands the value of using technology to make her day-to-day tasks easier and more efficient. When she first started farming, Wendy kept her tech-savvy mindset, looking for a solution to simplify her farm's bookkeeping.

As the first Alberta user of the Aleop and AgExpert integration, Wendy's experience is a great example of embracing innovation for farmers in the province. Her willingness to adopt new technology has improved her own farm business and encouraged others to use integrated tools for their operations.

I have found the use of technology to be one of the greatest assets in agriculture. Having cameras monitoring livestock due to give birth, using drones to find and monitor livestock and water levels, and, of course, the way it has simplified accounting and record keeping are all time saving and beneficial. The integration of the Aleop solution to the AgExpert software is particularly helpful and I am looking forward to seeing what AgExpert comes up with next!

- Wendy Murphy

Wendy's story is a testament to how technology can have a significant impact in agriculture. By embracing the value of connected data, Wendy has been able to work more efficiently and free up time to pursue her passions outside of farming, like travelling and scuba diving.

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