Ontario farmer finds success with AgExpert and wins a Polaris RANGER

Jun 13, 2024

In the heart of Ontario, a hardworking dairy and cash crop farmer has received an exciting addition to his operation. Richard Brisco, a lifelong farmer, has won the Gear Up with AgExpert Grand Prize, a 2024 Polaris RANGER.

Richard grew up on the very dairy farm he now manages in Renfrew, Ontario. Taking the reins in 1990, he has spent the last 34 years nurturing and expanding the family farm. As the farm transitions to the next generation, with his two sons preparing to take ownership, Richard remains committed to innovative and efficient farming practices.

A few years ago, Richard encountered difficulties with his previous accounting software, particularly in handling payroll. On the advice of his FCC Relationship Manager, he switched to AgExpert, a decision that has significantly enhanced his farm management.

The payroll is very easy, and I can quickly access the information I need to manage the farm. This program saves me time when doing my books, giving me more time on the farm. – Richard Brisco

Richard's adoption of AgExpert has streamlined his operation, allowing him to make clearer, faster decisions that benefit the farm's productivity. Winning the Polaris RANGER is a testament to his dedication and forward-thinking approach, providing him with a valuable tool to further support his farm.

From the top left, Evan Brisco and Adam Brisco. From the bottom left, Mary Brisco and Richard Brisco.

And with that, the 2024 Gear Up with AgExpert contest comes to a close! AgExpert is proud to celebrate farmers like Richard who demonstrate innovation and commitment in agriculture.

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